The 27 Best Engagement Gifts for Couples in 2023

Getting engaged is a remarkable moment and a milestone in anyone’s life, so this occasion calls for exceptional gifts and celebrations.

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Are you looking for the perfect engagement gift to show your friends or family just how much they mean to you? Then look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best ones for 2023!

These amazing engagement gifts will be sure to show the couple the depth of your love and the joy you feel for their decision to unite in marriage. No matter which of these gift ideas you choose, the recipient will be sure to feel your appreciation and care.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you have found the perfect gift for the newly engaged couple. With such a wide array of wonderful engagement gifts available, you’re sure to find something that will show you care.

Engagement Gifts

Engagement Gift Box

If you are looking for an engagement gift for a future bride, then this engagement gift box could be the perfect option for you.

It contains a coffee mug, a Bride T-shirt, and a Vanilla scented candle all packed in a pretty box with crinkles and tissue paper inside.

All of this comes at an amazingly affordable price.

Our Newlywed Kitchen: The Art of Cooking, Gathering, and Creating Traditions 

This book by Laura Schupp is specifically written and designed for future or newlywed couples. It includes indispensable advice on organizing the wedding, organizing the kitchen, party planning, meal preparation, and others. It even has empty space where the couple can add their own thoughts and experiences, as well as their favorite recipes in this wonderful family book.

This is a book that the couple will keep and cherish for a long, and which will preserve all their wonderful memories created together as an engaged and newlywed couple.

Skylety 2 Packs Double-insulated Stemless Champagne Flutes

What better way for a couple to celebrate their newly-announced engagement than drinking a bottle of champagne?

With a gift like this couple of stemless, insulated 6-oz champagne flutes, the newly engaged couple will be able to enjoy sipping cool bubbly wherever they go.

These insulated toasting glasses are available in gorgeous rose gold, black, champagne, wine red, sea blue, silver, and other colors, so you can pick the set which will suit the couple best.

Plus, they can enjoy drinking wine and other beverages when out on a picnic or at a pool party with these inexpensive yet premium quality toasting glasses with lids.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 – Instant Film Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is an instant film camera that the engaged couple can use to make perfect selfies and photos of themselves and of their adventures.

The camera can capture bright images in dark scenes and is the perfect engagement gift for those who love taking photos, sharing them on social media, or collecting their memories in photo albums and scrapbooks.

The camera is available in various bright and beautiful color options.

Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories

Written by the world-famous chef Jacques Pepin, Menus – A Book for Your Meals and Memories is another excellent gift idea for a newly engaged or newlywed couple.

The beautifully illustrated book features paintings and illustrations by the chef himself.

The couple can enjoy preparing special meals and writing down their own personal favorite recipes in the book, as well as jotting memories from the specific event they have hosted.

Custom portrait of the couple, Custom couple illustration

Going to an engagement party and want to congratulate the couple on their big news?

Ordering a custom portrait of the two is one of the most personal engagement gifts you can present to a couple who is close to you.

The handmade portrait will depict the couple and other members of their new family – pets or animals.

This is definitely something the two of them will appreciate and cherish forever.

Personalized Cutting Board, Custom Cutting Board

Even though the couple is still not officially married, you can present them with one of these beautiful personalized cutting boards.

The high-quality wood boards can be engraved with the names of the newly engaged couple, as well as the year of their engagement.

This customized cutting board is also very suitable for a wedding or anniversary gift too.

Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

If you want to give your newly engaged friends or relatives a truly special gift that they will display with pride, then you can order this customized Heart Snapshot Mix for them.

You can choose among various frames and materials, as well as border colors, and all you need to do is provide the artist with enough of the couple’s favorite photos to add to this beautiful heart-shaped collage.

This is another superb idea for a wedding and anniversary gift too.

Wedding Thank You Cards, Personalized Wedding Stationery

Gorgeous personalized wedding thank you cards are a gift that the engaged couple will be truly thankful for. With all the wedding preparations and the engagement celebrations, the two of them will have enough reasons to thank their friends and relatives.

And what better way to do it than with these beautiful thank you cards with their names printed on them with elegant lettering?

You can definitely expect to receive one of these beautifully personalized thank you cards after you present this gift to the happy couple.

Take the cake picture frame

This sleek and striking picture frame by Kate Spade New York is another excellent idea for an engagement gift.

It has a silver-plated frame with an enameled trim with the words “happily ever after” engraved on the bottom and a discreet thin blue line surrounding the photo, providing that “something blue” that every bride needs on her wedding day.

You can present the frame as it is, and let the couple decide which special picture to add, or you can add a photo of a happy couple of your choice to it.

Wedding Keepsake Library

Because most couples want to preserve as many of the sweet and cherished memories from their special day forever, this Wedding Keepsake Library is an engagement gift that will make them extremely happy.

It includes a box with labeled drawers, as well as gorgeous fabric bags, stitched envelopes, and a vertical file drawer so the couple can arrange and store all keepsakes from the wedding for years to come all in one place, safely.

Newly Engaged Mug, Friends Newly Engaged Gift

This personalized and cute mug inspired by the Friends TV series will become the bride-to-be’s favorite drink cup.

You can order it with the future bride’s or groom’s name on it, and you can be sure it will bring a huge smile to their faces.

The mug itself is made of premium quality ceramic with elegant black inside and will be a cherished gift for the future family.

Luxury wedding planner book

This gorgeously designed and made wedding planner book is everything the future bride and groom need to get ready for their big day.

It includes all of the stages of the wedding planning month by month and week by week, which the couple can go by and check when completed.

It is detailed and has information that every future husband and wife needs to know in order to plan the big day perfectly, with tiny details that even professional wedding planners can sometimes forget.

Plus, it looks gorgeous and luxurious and will be a superb engagement gift for any couple.

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box – Personalised Memory Box 

This is yet another very suitable engagement present, which the couple can use to savor all their sweet memories from the wedding, the honeymoon, and their travels and adventures together.

Made of wood and with customized engravings of the couple’s names and the title “The Adventures of…” this keepsake box is great for storing wedding invites, photographs, postcards, and others.

You can order the custom-made box in various sizes.

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

This is yet another unique engagement present that will help the couple commemorate the special day they got engaged, or married with a customized 500-piece puzzle of the front page of The New York Times from that special day.

The puzzle can be framed and displayed after being assembled.

It is also a brilliant gift idea for an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday, or for the birth of a new baby.

Future Mrs. Lucky Mr. glass set

This perfect engagement gift is an affordable and adorable present to give to a couple that has just announced the happy news.

The two 21-oz. glass set includes a stemless wine glass for the Future Mrs. and a beer pint for the Lucky Mr.

You can customize the glasses by adding the future family name of the happy couple, as well as choosing the color of the ring on the wine glass for her.

These handmade glasses are definitely going to be appreciated by the couple, and they will surely enjoy drinking in them and celebrating their life together.

Custom Star Map, Night Sky Print

This personalized engagement gift will always remind the couple of the day they made their commitment to get married.

You just need to know the exact time and place of the proposal and order the print which will depict the constellations and the positions of the stars in the sky at that very special moment.

Also, on the bottom of this gorgeous display piece, you can order that the coordinates, the time, and the place are printed as well as the title “The Start of Us”.

With a gift like this, the couple will always remember your sweet gesture and that magical moment in their lives when they see this print.

Personalized Engagement Ornament with Names and Date

You can surprise the newly engaged couple with their own personalized Christmas tree ornament. It can be customized with their names and the date of their engagement.

It will be the first ornament they will place on their Christmas tree as an engaged couple, and you can be sure that they will treasure it forever.

Marital Bliss Game

This fun game is a great engagement gift for a couple that loves to laugh and play together.

Marital Bliss is a card game that will allow future spouses to challenge each other, take up secret missions, and then earn sweet and romantic rewards.

It is a great idea for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary present for couples.

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Mr. and Mrs. Monogrammed Robes

OK, so you may be getting a little ahead of things by ordering the engaged couple their personalized monogrammed Mr. and Mrs. luxury robes, but you can be sure that they will appreciate them when they set off for their honeymoon,

The robes are made of satin, charmeuse, and polyester, and you can choose various colors for the bride and groom monograms embroidered on the backs of these gorgeous and sleek black and white robes.

Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Duffle Bag

This may not be the typical engagement present but the newly engaged couple will most probably love receiving this premium quality and large volume duffel bag which they can use for their travels together.

You can customize this bag by Cathy’s Concepts by adding the initial of the future family on the front.

It is made of top-quality textile and leather and has an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfy carry handle.

The extra-large bag is 22 x 11 x 11 inches, which is enough for the two lovebirds to fit all their stuff for a romantic weekend or getaway.

Engagement Gift Ring Dish and Jewelry Dish

This is an affordable but unique engagement gift to give to a friend or close person who just got engaged.

The handmade ring dish can be ordered in hand-painted floral or classic white and gold style with the initials of the couple with a heart in the middle, as well as the special date hand-stamped on it.

Each of these jewelry dishes is handcrafted, molded, stamped and painted, and sealed, so every single one of them is absolutely unique.

Your friends will appreciate receiving such a thoughtful gift made exclusively for them.

Anniversary Wine Box – Scriptic Wedding Gift for the Couple

This ingenious wine box is a gift that will bring joy to the engaged couple and will keep them loving it for years. Handmade from real aspen, birch, and recyclable wood, this box will be a pride and joy to display by any couple.

You can fill it with three special wines of your choice, and also choose the anniversary years inscribed on the three wine compartments.

The idea is that the couple will enjoy an excellent bottle of wine on the date of each of these anniversaries.

It is a wonderful idea that will impress any engaged couple and all of their guests.

You can also add an electric wine opener to the gift.

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Any couple will fall in love with these custom-made four across the game which can be personalized with their names, with hearts, and with their engagement date.

This beautifully made game for two is made of premium maple plywood and is something that the two will enjoy using and displaying at home.

It is handmade and absolutely unique and personalized, so it is definitely a gift that they will cherish for years to come.

Wedding countdown, personalized gift, wooden countdown

This fun engagement gift will let the couple count down the months and days to their wedding day. You can order it in medium oak, walnut, dark oak, rosewood, dark Jacobean, and ebony wood colors, and add the names of the future family engraved in various fonts.

With this fabulous engagement gift, the couple will happily count the days to their big day, so you can be sure that they will be enjoying your gift every day.

It is an affordable, handmade, unique, and beautiful item to display the love and anticipation of the happy couple to tie the knot.

Wedding or Engagement Milestone Wine Labels – Unique Wedding Gifts 

You can order the happily engaged couple as many of these beautiful and unique wine labels as you want. You can personalize them with the names of the two, their engagement date, and choose the milestones you want the couple to open and enjoy these wines on.

The milestones can be – First Day Married, First Fight, First Anniversary, First baby, First Big Purchase, First Christmas, or any other milestones you like from the list. The labels are easy to stick on the wine bottles of your choice and will withstand the test of time.

They are beautiful and can be placed on champagne, wine, and other bottles of your choice.

Kate Spade New York Take the Cake Knife and Server 2 

This gorgeous dessert set includes a luxurious cake knife and a cake server. Both items have delicate turquoise accents on their handles – referring to “something blue” for the wedding.

The beautiful wedding cake server is inscribed with the words “How Sweet It Is”.

This is a dessert set that the happy couple will gladly display when cutting, tasting and serving their wedding cake on their big day.

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