25 Awesome Dolphin Gifts For All Those Who Love These Amazing Creatures

For all of you out there who love these amazing creatures, prove you are just as intelligent and fun as they are by buying one of these products this holiday season! Whether you’re looking for a funky gift, a sentimental gift, or just something completely unique, there is a dolphin gift for everyone on this list.

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Dolphin Gifts

Don’t be afraid to swim against the current and try one of these unique options this year. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dolphin gifts for dolphin lovers that they will be extra excited to get.

National Geographic Dolphins 2023 Wall Calendar

If you like animals, you certainly like National Geographic. Another from the series of unique calendars with beautiful pictures of our favorite animals. A wonderful gift for that friend of yours who needs to get organized and who thinks dolphins are awesome.

With beautiful, colorful photos and large, open spaces to write everything that needs to get done for the day, this calendar made by National Geographic is perfectly multi-functional. What’s more, with the purchase of this great item, you would be helping an organization that funds conservation and research efforts yearly. The dolphin aficionado will appreciate this gift just as well as helping this organization.

Sunlit Dolphins Mouse Pad

Have a friend who still insists on using a ball-type mouse? This gift will splash up their office with dazzling colors in a high-definition print. Art Plates is a great company whose commitment is to provide the highest quality accessories for the lowest possible price. This mouse pad pictures a pair of sunlit dolphins basking in the underwater heaven that is home. Who wouldn’t want to look at these two cheerful guys from Monday to Friday?

Dolphin Heart Necklace

This a lovely gift from the Honolulu Jewelry Company, a locally based Hawaiian company that guarantees a smile on the face of anyone who is lucky enough to receive one of their pieces. This particular necklace is made of sterling silver and features a pair of dolphins set with cubic zirconia and imitation Blue Opal. It comes with an adjustable 16” – 18” inch chain and a presentation box – perfect for the gift giver who pays attention to the presentation.

Cute Socks

Put some pep in your step with these hilariously cool dolphin socks from the Living Royal company. Made from 100% Polyester with a reinforced heel and toe, these socks will keep on giving all through the day. The stretchy material will please even the most comfort-conscious of us, and the cool pattern will be sure to turn heads. Bonus! This company always gives a “sock ring” with their socks – an ingenious device that helps you to never waste time matching socks after the laundry again! This is a fairly inexpensive gift that will surely delight any dolphin lovers in your life.

Archer Pam’s Dolphin Oven Mitt

Do you have kids that love to bake? Or perhaps you have your own cooking blog? Maybe you want to reinvent your kitchen space. This hilariously cute oven mitt will help you get started. Made specifically for fans of the animated series Archer, they will instantly recognize Pam Peavey’s famous dolphin puppet. But even if they’ve never seen the show, this high-quality item would be the ideal gift for any dolphin lover out there.

Animal Ties

For the hipster in us all – a super cool skinny tie featuring his or her favorite animal – the dolphin! This tie is made with 1200 needle count grade fiber, a steal for the price. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, just in case something happens. Do you know someone who is planning a beach wedding? This could be the perfect accessory to “tie” the groomsmen theme together.

Dolphin Wind Chimes

Beautiful, dolphin-themed wind chime to complete your porch, patio, or backyard. It measures 19” inches and is made from acrylic, so you don’t need to worry about weather-wear. This tough and durable chime will make every sunny afternoon complete with calming sounds. Its details will truly enchant whoever lucky person you decide deserves a gift this year.

Dolphin Stemless Wine Glass

Are you always spilling your wine like me? Clumsy people, listen up! Here comes the solution to our problem – a stemless wine glass. It can hold up to 15 ounces of your favorite beverage and is permanently etched with a simplistic dolphin design that is both classy and unique. What’s more, you can throw it in the dishwasher without fear of warping or fading. Save yourself some time on cleaning the carpets and get yourself an upgrade with this stemless wine glass for the fanciest (and most uncoordinated) among us.

Effiliv Bathroom Rugs Set 5 Piece Memory Foam Mats

This five-piece, ultra-soft (and machine washable!) memory foam bathroom rug set will liven up any lackluster space instantly. It comes in four different color schemes – teal, beige, grey, and royal blue, so you can match it easily with any color pattern you might already have. The rugs are crazy soft and very water-resistant. Don’t deny yourself (or a friend who loves dolphins) this great gift.

Dolphin Themed Dog Collar

Pet lovers, take heed, here is an amazing gift for your dog-fin…get it? This collar comes in a variety of sizes to fit a Daschund to a Great Dane. It is made of high-density polyester webbing. The buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic, too, so you can feel good about this purchase. The metal D ring is chrome coated for added durability, so your dog will look sharp for years to come.

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat, Wide Choice of Slow Close Toilet Seats

Have you ever looked at your toilet and thought it could use a makeover? Let me introduce you to a company that specializes in making sure that thought never crosses your mind again. This particular toilet seat is topped with a 3D, colorful, washable image! It’s a wood composite with a glossy painted finish, so it’s easy to clean, too. This toilet seat is a guaranteed winner if you’re looking for that perfect gift for your fun friend.

Double Gang Toggle Wall Plate – Sunlit Dolphins

Sprucing up your house? Along with a new coat of paint, a new toggle plate is an easy, cheap way to make a huge difference to the finished look of your room. It’s a metal switch plate with a special, high-resolution ultraviolet image of a couple of dolphins. The best part of this plate is that it is American-made, which will make more than a few gift-getters smile. As an added bonus, the company even includes matching painted screws, so the beautiful image is kept intact without any of those annoying silver screws distracting you.

Dolphin Gifts for Kids

Wild Republic Dolphin Plush, Stuffed Animal

Do you have a little marine biologist in the making at home? Help them be the envy of all their mates with this adorable plush dolphin toy. It is ultra-soft and cute as can be and measures about 20” – the perfect squeezing size. Every child will be very happy if this year for Christmas Santa Claus brings a present like this stuffed dolphin.

Sea Animals Cover

Touch up your child’s bed with a single purchase: a Sea Animals Duvet Cover with a matching pillowcase. This fits a twin-sized bed. Your child will love this cover as much as (s)he likes dolphins. It’s super comfortable and a little pricey.

Kidorable Blue Dolphin Umbrella With Fun Pop-Out Fin and Ocean Trim

The rainy season is upon us, and with it comes many an adventure outside. Splashing in puddles is incomplete without the perfect accessory – an adorable dolphin-themed umbrella. This umbrella is sized 27” inches when open, which is perfectly suitable for your child to open and close all by themselves. The coolest part of this umbrella is that it has 3D features! Your little explorer will be cruising through the waves of winter with their tail fin sticking straight up into the air! Don’t miss out on this unique and precious gift for your little goofball.

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TOMY Bath Do Rae Mi Dolphins

Some of my fondest childhood memories are in the bathtub, a soapy, bubbly, and warm paradise that could only truly be appreciated by children who don’t yet feel the need to save time and take a speed shower before work. What made these memories so endearing? Toys, of course. This collection of eight colorful and removable dolphins float along with you and help coax a song or two out of bath time – they each sing a different part of a classic song “Do Ra Mi,” a sure-fire way to make bathtime the most popular time of the day in your house.

Sequin Dolphin Plush Stuffed Animal

Sequins are back! Don’t let your child fall behind on the newest trends with this amazing plush dolphin, available in pink and silver. Its groovy design lets you brush the sequins back and forth, revealing layer after layer of vibrant, eye-catching color. Watch the sequins catch the light and bring this dolphin alive in the eyes of your child. Sensory toys like this one have become very popular in psychology – they naturally provide an outlet for frustration and can have a calming effect on our little angels who aren’t quite ready for nap time.

Pop-up Peekaboo: Under the Sea

DK is a well-established, awesome publishing company for children. This book is part of their popular Peekaboo series – it’s a board book with pop-out, tactile animals you’re kids will go gaga for. Start reading young with this dolphin-themed “under the sea” adventure book, which features all sorts of marine animals and will quickly become a classic in your household.

Little Boys’ Toddler Dolphin Costume

My biggest complaint with Halloween? It only lasts one day! Don’t let that stop you from buying this painfully adorable dolphin costume for your little one. It is well-constructed, and even has a blowhole atop the hood! Ahoy matey, anytime is playtime with this wonderful costume piece.

Cooper Girl Cute Dolphin Throw Blanket

Grab fast this beautiful polyester throw blanket to liven up your bedroom or living space. Grab this wonderful gift, give it to your daughter, and she will be thrilled with the girl’s blanket with the theme of dolphins. It has a super soft and cozy feel, perfect for cuddling up and reading. It’s light enough that you can travel with it – and machine washable, which means if you spill your hot cocoa it’s no big deal. The blanket features a colorful, watercolor-esque picture of two very happy-looking dolphins. It’s a great gift to complete any space.

Seaworld Duvet Cover Set Twin Size 3D Microfiber

Are you looking for a new duvet cover to spice up your bedroom? Look no further – this 3-piece, microfiber down-alternative blanket and matching pillowcase set is made from ultra-resistant Egyptian cotton and is super smooth and perfect for those who love dolphins. It’s easily washed by machine and has a price point you can’t beat. The elaborate design shows a wonderful ocean scene, complete with a whole colony of dolphins to help drift you off to sleep.

Dolphins Lunch Bag

Make your kid the most enviable in the lunchroom with this super cool, functional dolphin-themed lunch pack. Featuring a trifecta of swimming dolphins on the front, and completed with an ocean blue exterior, this is the perfect lunch accessory for your dolphin-crazy children. It’s got a lot of extra space and pockets for lunch boxes, ice packs, and a double-top zipper to make sure there are no spills on the school bus. If you’ve got a picky eater, this might just be the gift they need to motivate them!

Daphne The Dolphin Blankie

We all had one: our favorite childhood blankie. Some were knit, some were quilted by grandmothers with love, and others were handed down through generations. Introducing the new, multi-purpose dolphin blankie. Not only does it offer your baby unconditional warmth and love, but it also teaches them!

This dolphin baby blanket, measuring about 15” by 15” inches, comes with a plethora of shapes and textures tied to the edges of the blanket. New studies show babies learn through tactile play – so while they’re curling up in the crib with this blankie, they could actually be expanding their sensory depth and understanding! Talk about multitasking. Don’t deny your newborn their chance at academic success, get this tremendously useful (and cute) dolphin gift now!

Explore The Wildlife Kingdom: Dolphins – Tribes of The Sea

Tribes of the Sea is a fantastic, short documentary piece all about our favorite subject – dolphins! The perfect gift for the intellectual couch potato in us all. Kick back and relax with this in-depth movie about dolphins in their natural habitat. The movie tries to dissect these intelligent creatures by their behaviors and does a commendable job at letting them show us exactly how smart they really are. Wonderfully educational, but not so much so that it wouldn’t be appropriate for all ages, this DVD will be a surprise hit in your home.

Relaxing Music Dolphin Sounds

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep. The city is loud, or your neighbors are having a party, or you’ve just got too much on your mind. This gift is ideal for those of us who sometimes need a little extra help catching our Zs. This CD has relaxing music set to dolphin sounds and will ensure a good night’s sleep. Or, use your meditation routine to help center yourself and your thoughts. A thoughtful gift for the Yogi out there. Namaste!

We hope that you find on our gift list exactly what will delight anyone who loves wonderful dolphins.

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