15 Chemistry Gifts That Science Nerds Will Appreciate

Chemistry Gifts

Why not give the chemistry nerd in your family or among your friends a special gift that acknowledges their love for science?

Here are some funny and some practical ideas for chemistry gifts for anybody interested in the field.

Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass

Being a chemistry nerd does not mean one cannot enjoy a glass or two of wine.

It is made of Periodic Tableware and combines the best of science and mixology. The beaker wine glass is hand-blown and shaped, so each one is unique.

It is a superb chemistry gift for anybody in the scientific or medical field.

The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements


Anybody interested in chemistry will simply love this beautiful deck of cards if all of the elements in the periodic table with gorgeous close-up photographs and detailed explanations about each of the 118 elements.

The deck of cards comes in a nifty box and is a companion of the top seller “The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Atom in the Universe.”

This is an exceptional chemistry gift for children and adults alike and will be appreciated as a present for any occasion.

Periodic Table Rainbow Lanyard

Give your chemist friend this colorful lanyard for any occasion, and it will definitely be appreciated.

It is a premium quality, full-colored lanyard made of double-sided fabric and with a reliable and strong metal clip that he or she can use to hold keys, a badge, or others.

The good part of this product is that it displays a completely accurate periodic table with all elements in a group colored in vivid colors.

It is a great idea for a stocking stuffer or any other event or celebration.

Chemistry Nerd Coasters Set of 6

There are science and chemistry involved in every single beverage and drink we enjoy every day. This set of colorful chemistry nerd coasters depicts this in an accurate and fun way.

The set of six handmade coasters depicts the molecular structure of six of the most popular drinks – water, beer, coffee, tea, alcohol, and wine.

Your chemistry or science-loving friend will appreciate this cool gift. These can be used as coasters and are excellent conversation starters.

Periodic Table Double Wall Water Bottle Vacuum Insulated Thermos Flask

Chemists, like all other people, know that H2O is essential for human existence and health. With this fabulous-looking insulated water bottle, your chemist nerd friend or relative will be reminded to take a sip of water no matter where or where he or she happens to be.

The double-insulated 17-oz. bottle is made of food-safe stainless steel and a curved lid that can be used as a drinking cup on the go.

The bottle is spill-proof and sweat-proof and can keep cold beverages chilled and hot beverages piping hot for hours.

Even better, it has a genuine leather cover depicting all kinds of actual chemical molecule formulas.

Neurons Not Included Funny Science Coaster Set – Lab Rules – 6 Piece Set 


Neurons Not Included has created this fun and whimsical set of basic science rules that will make the recipient laugh and enjoy using.

They work great as coasters as they have a non-slip bottom and an easy to clean top, but the best part is the hilarious rules that anybody who works in a lab and any chemist will relate to, such as – “Lab Rule Number 1: Never lick the spoon”, and so on.

These comical science coasters are a perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys science and chemistry and has a sense of humor.

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Periodic Table Leggings

Is your daughter or another relative or friend a chemistry major or somebody interested in the field? If this is the case, then this pair of geeky leggings is a superb chemistry gift for her.

They are handmade and depict an accurate colorful periodic table with all elements.

The geeky leggings are available in black or white and in full length, Capri length, and high waist versions, as well as in all sizes.

They are made of soft and stretchy polyester and spandex and will add a colorful accent to any chemistry geek’s wardrobe.

Caffeine Molecule – Glass Coffee Mug – Makes a Great Gift for Science Buffs!


This chemistry mug has the caffeine molecule depicted on both of its sides.

It is a well-made, glass coffee mug that is dishwasher safe and can be microwaved and fit under most coffee machines.

The fun mug is a great gift idea for a person interested in studying or working in the field of chemistry, medicine, or other related spheres.

Chemist’s Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

OK, so the signs on these flask and test tubes may not be scientifically correct, but this Chemist’s Spice Rack is an incredibly cute and whimsical gift to give to your chemistry-obsessed friend.

The set includes an Erlenmeyer flask for oil, two flasks with holes for salt and pepper shakers, and nine test tubes for different spices. It also includes a useful metal spice rack with an atom depicted on the bottom.

The spice rack set comes with 36 different stickers, so the recipient of the gift can choose which test tube is for what spice. The names may not be scientifically correct, but they are super cute and clever, such as “Pa for Paprika,” “Or for Oregano,” and so on.

With this rack of spices, your chemist friend will be able to create brand new formulas in the kitchen every time.

Periodic Table Handmade Print

This handmade print of the periodic table is a beautiful gift idea for a science teacher, a chemistry professor, or anyone fascinated by the elements.

You can order it in vintage style, parchment, canvas, burgundy, blueprint, chalkboard, and a variety of other unique colors and styles. You can also choose it printed in different dimensions from 4 x 5 inches up to A1 size.

It is not only a great reference for work and teaching but is a beautiful piece of artwork too.

Ambesonne Science Throw Pillow Cushion Cover


Why not give your chemist friend hand-drawn chemistry and laboratory-themed pillowcase? This is most probably something they don’t already own and will become a lovely accent in any home or office.

The pillowcase is available in sizes 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 20 x 20, and 24 x 24 inches and is a brilliant idea for a unique chemistry gift.


Make the chemistry nerd on your Christmas gift list laugh with this hilarious and ingenious Christmas chemistry elements greetings card.

It depicts the 67th element of the periodic table Holmium three times as “Ho Ho Ho” and has a cute explanation about the rare earth element discovered in the Northern hemisphere,  that apparently is believed to be the special Christmas element by St. Nicolas. The cards are handmade and can be bought as a single one or in packs.

It is a very original way to show the chemist in your life how much you care about his and her passions and to have a laugh about the humor inputted in the card.

Custom Periodic Table Element Name Key Chain

Any chemistry and science geek will adore this customized name key chain. It can be ordered with the name of the person spelled out in the elements from the periodic table. You can also pick between a traditional split ring key chain and a key clip for the hardware.

The keychain is handmade from American hardwood and is a very original chemistry gift idea for a stocking stuffer or any other occasion.

It can be used as a keychain, a backpack clip, or for whatever the recipient prefers.

Modernist Pantry Ultimate Molecular Gastronomy “Made Easy” Starter Kit

If you are looking for a gift that is suitable for a chemistry-loving friend who is a foodie as well, then this Ultimate Molecular Gastronomy Made Easy Starter Kit is a brilliant idea.

The kit includes everything that is needed to enter the magical world of molecular gastronomy. This includes a comprehensive 250-page recipe book with instructions about the different techniques and ingredients used in this type of kitchen.
The set also includes some of the most popular ingredients and tools needed for preparing amazing gourmet dishes at home.
All ingredients included are gluten-free, contain no GMO, and are Kosher Certified.

Modernist Pantry offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee plus free technical support for any molecular gastronomy-related issues.
Your chemistry-loving friend will, no doubt, enjoy experimenting with these intriguing and delicious techniques.

Chemistry Shot Glasses – Set of 4 Science Beaker Shots


This set of four chemistry and laboratory shot glasses will bring the inner science nerd out of just about anybody.

They are incredibly cute and look like beakers around Florence flask and a conical Erlenmeyer flask. They all have a capacity of 30ml (1-oz) and have precise measurements, so the people using them will know how much of each drink has been added to the mixology experiment.

They are well made and will endure a lot of testing and scientific and drinking experiments.

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