Excellent Gift Ideas for High School Teachers to Help Recharge Their Batteries and Bring Them Some Joy

We all remember great high school teachers that made a huge impact on our lives. When it comes time to show them thanks, what do we get them?

There are two things that we all know about teachers:

  • Teachers are overworked.
  • Teachers are underpaid.

Finding the best gifts to thank them and express gratitude for all that teachers do for kids is not an easy task. This article can help you to find an idea that will surprise and delight, you and show how much you appreciate and love their work.

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So, if you have a special high school teacher in your life that deserves some love and care, I have some excellent gift ideas for your high school teachers to help recharge their batteries and bring them some joy.

Best Gifts for High School Teachers

Starbucks Gift Card

There is nothing a teacher love (need) more than coffee. This gift is great because you can give them a pure coffee joy to them, and they can use it the same day. Pre-load it with whatever amount you want, and help perk up your favorite teacher with some excellent coffee from Starbucks.

Paddywax Library Collection Ralph Waldo Emerson Scented Soy Wax Candle

This is one of the coolest candles I’ve ever seen! This one is the perfect gift for those high school teachers that are huge book nerds! It’s handmade (and hand-poured in small batches) in the US and burns for anywhere between 60 – 80 hours. The main theme is a mix with a woody desk character of cedar and Wild Fern scent, hints of clove bud, and fresh eucalyptus.

Helpful Charging Station For All Their Drained Devices

There’s nothing worse than being stuck at school all day with a dead phone. Add on top of that the hours spent after school grading papers and organizing lessons, with no music, and it sounds like a horror movie. Luckily, this station ensures teachers will never be left in these nightmare scenarios again.

Teacher Superpower Mug

This mug reminds them that they are superheroes as they gear up for their day with caffeine. They will feel like leaping over tall buildings or soaring over clouds after drinking from this festive mug.

Delightful Adult Coloring Book

This is the gift for a high school teacher with a sense of humor. This Adult Coloring book will have them relaxed and laughing as they unwind from their long days. This one is a must-have for any teacher who can laugh at the absurdity of their job from time to time.

Festive Unicorn T-Shirt

Make your special teacher feel magical with this excellent unicorn T-Shirt. It’s a simple style, and multiple colors guarantee that your favorite teacher will love wearing this mythical creature that reminds everyone just how incredible teachers are.

Maybe some of you will think that this gift is more suitable for preschool teachers, but whatever female teacher I know that works at any school (Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, and High school), I’m sure she would like to get this gift.

Before School, After School Coffee Mug and Stemless Wine Glass Set

This cute and funny gift set for high school teachers and professors is something that any teacher will appreciate and will most probably use.

The set includes a fun 11-oz “Before School” ceramic mug, which the teacher can use to drink their morning coffee or tea, and a 15-oz stemless wine glass for “After school” so that he or she can relax at the end of the day.

The cup and glass are beautifully made and are dishwasher safe, so they will last for years without breaking or without the prints wearing off.

This is a great gift set for a high school teacher, which will be a constant reminder that he or she is highly appreciated.

Teacher Survival Kit Makeup Bag

This pretty and useful makeup bag is designed exclusively for teachers. It has fun, colorful illustrations printed on it and says, “Teacher Survival Kit.”

Your teacher can use it for makeup, for pencils and other teaching tools, or for just about anything.

The bag is made of high-quality canvas with waterproof coating, and the prints have a leather-like and smooth look and feel.

The size of this nifty zippered bag is 9.8 x 7.5 inches, and it costs less than $10.

Mud Pie 4035006H Heart Teacher Canvas Tote

This is a tote bag that any high school teacher will appreciate and will use on a daily basis.

It has a clever design that makes it look like a notebook with a sweet handwritten sign saying, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

The canvas bag is 15.5 x 14.5 inches in size, and your teacher will happily use it for carrying school stuff, homework, or grocery shopping.

My Quotable Students: A Teacher Journal to Record and Collect 

Even though your high school teacher may not want to admit it, he or she is probably jotting down or at least sharing some of the memorable quotes from the students with friends.

With this clever gift for high school teachers, the quotes can be written in cute dedicated spaces for notes so that all of the best all-time quotes from students can be gathered together in one place for keepsakes.

The “My Quotable Students” journal is inexpensive and yet is a clever gift that any teacher or professor will appreciate.

50 Strong Teacher Water Bottle – BPA Free with Easy Carry Loop 

This is not only a meaningful gift for teachers, but it is one that is pretty useful too.

The premium quality, BPA-free water bottle is made of food-safe materials and is shatter-proof.

It is available in 15 different styles and in sizes of 24 or 30 oz. – all of them suitable for teachers of all types, ages, and sexes.

You can order one personalized with the teacher’s name on it.

The bottle comes with a comfortable catty loop, a leak-proof flip lid, and a built-in ice guard, and it fits perfectly in any car cup holder, so your teacher can carry it with them everywhere to stay hydrated and well.

Plus, it comes in a 50 Strong gift box, so it is ready to be presented.

Best Teacher Ever Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug (11.5oz) and Coasters Set

If you are looking for a more luxurious gift for a teaching friend or for your teacher, then this gorgeous set is an excellent idea.

It includes a handmade 11.5 ceramic mug, a matching ceramic coaster, and a golden-coated spoon.

The set comes in either pink or grey color options, both with a premium marble finish and with gold lettering and accents.

The mug and coaster say – “Best teacher ever.”

The set is offered in a matching pink or gray gift box with silk lining and a pink gift bag, ready to be presented to that special high school teacher in your life.

Teacher Gifts for Women – 6PCS Teacher Keychain Appreciation Gifts

This set of 6 different teacher appreciation keychains is an excellent option if you are looking for meaningful gifts for all of your teachers at an affordable price.

Although they share similar designs with a shiny red apple and a heart with “Thank You” stamped on it, each of these keychains has a different saying for teachers on the main stamped trinkets.

You can purchase the sets in red or grey colors so that you can find the perfect gifts for high school teachers of both sexes.

All of the teachers who receive a keychain from the set will appreciate your gift, and since none of them are exactly the same, all of the recipients will feel special and unique.

Teacher Gift- Teacher Appreciation Engraved Bamboo Cutting board 9” x 12”

This luxurious bamboo cutting board will touch the heart of any dedicated high school teacher.

The 9 x 12-inch board is beautifully made, with engraved teaching symbols including a pencil, a globe, and an apple, as well as an illustrative depiction of how an acorn grows into a seedling and then into a tree.

The poem engraved on the board expresses the thankfulness of the students for the efforts, wisdom, and love of the teacher used to help teach and help shape each and every student.

The cutting board is engraved on both sides and can be used as an actual kitchen accessory or displayed as a piece of artwork.

Amazon.com Thank You, Teacher eGift Card

If the entire class is wondering what to get their favorite high school teacher, one of the smartest ideas is to invest in a Thank You Teacher eGift Card from Amazon.

This way, you will be sure that the teacher will get something that they actually want, need, and will use.

It is still a meaningful gift, and unlike some of the white elephant gifts which teachers end up with, this card is something that can really come in handy and make a difference in their life.

Knock Knock Why You’re The Best Teacher Ever Fill in the Love Journal

This is one of the coolest gifts for any high school teacher because it requires that the students presenting it actually do most of the work and fill in the blank spaces with their personal answers to the questions and their thoughts on the subjects covered.

This is a fill-in-the-blank type journal, but it is actually a “fill-in-the-love” book because once it is complete, it will be filled with the most personal and meaningful words that any teacher dreams to hear from their students.

The Knock Knock journal is a high school teacher gift that you can be certain will be appreciated and cherished for a long.

I Teach Therefore I Drink – Funny Stemless Wine Glass 15 oz.

This humorous stemless wine glass is a funny gift for a teacher of any type.

It can hold 15 oz of wine or any other preferred beverage and has a hilarious sign on an apple saying, “I teach, therefore I drink.”

It is a funny reference to Descartes’ famous philosophical quote, “I think therefore I am,” which your teacher or teaching friend will most probably appreciate.

The glass is inexpensive yet beautifully made and printed to last for years.

It is also a great gift idea for a philosophy professor.

Acrylic Teacher Office Desk Bar – 8 inch – Beautiful Teacher Appreciation Gift

This name sign is an elegant personalized gift for a high school teacher, which will most definitely be appreciated, and the teacher will gladly display it on their desk.

This acrylic desk bar is 2 x 8 inches in size and looks like a ruler with an apple illustration on one side and a math equation on the other.

You can order it with the teacher’s name and even add a second line, like “high school teacher,” if you want.

This beautifully made, 3D office desk sign will look great on any desk or table.

Women’s Girls Novelty Crazy Book Reading Crew Socks, Fun Teacher Gift

If you have a friend or relative who is a teacher, and you want to add some color, fun, and smiles to their life, then these amazing crew socks are an excellent idea.

The colorful socks come with different teaching, reading, and studying related prints on colorful backgrounds. There are even pencil-like socks, as well as blackboard socks with math equations written all over them.

These socks are made of 80% cotton, 3% elastane, and 17% polyamide and can fit women’s shoe sizes from 8 to 13.

They come in sets of two pairs and are truly stunning and unique.

Hallmark 6MJB3189 Peanuts Back to School Mug, large, Blue

Because everyone loves Snoopy and Peanuts, this amazingly loveable Hallmark mug is a gift that any high school teacher will love using and showing off.

It depicts Snoopy driving a yellow school bus with Woodstock and friends on the back, saying, “Thanks for leading the way.”

This is a must-have for any Snoopy fan and for Peanut collectors and enthusiasts.

Planner Weekly & Monthly Planner with Calendar Stickers

If you are looking for a more practical gift for your high school teacher, then this useful monthly planner is a great idea.

It comes in a generous A4 size, with a beautiful leather color in black, grey, blue, brown, or dark brown color options.

The diary includes planning pages for every week and day, calendar stickers, contacts, holiday calendars, as well as state capitals, time zones, and other useful information.

It has a pen holder and a silky bookmarking ribbon too and will help your high school teacher to better plan their schedule for the rest of this year and the entire next school year.

The size of the planner is 8.5 x 11 inches, but it is also available in a smaller size of 5.75 x 8.25 inches too.

24 Pack Thank You Cards for Teacher Appreciation Cards

This 24-pack of unique and high-quality appreciation cards is an absolute must-have for parents. The set of 24 unique cards with individual messages for teachers of all kinds also come with envelopes.

It is an excellent set for giving each of your teachers a personalized thank you card with a kind and meaningful message printed on the front, and of course, plenty of room inside to add your personal note of appreciation for each teacher.

Attention Getting Bell

This bell will go perfectly for any teacher seeking to quiet students in their classroom. Includes 7 fun sound effects: a bugle call, space alert, applause, 2 alarm clock sounds, twinkle chimes, and yes, a clanging handbell.

Relaxing Bath Salts

There’s nothing more important to a teacher than their time off. Help make sure they can relax fully with these scented bath salts that will make all the thoughts of students, parent-teacher conferences, and grading papers melt right away.

Health Promoting Water Bottle

Help your favorite high school teacher stay hydrated with this Hydro Flask Stainless Steel water bottle. This gift helps teachers stay healthy, and it helps promote sustainable habits for the environment too! This bottle comes in a variety of colors to suit any teacher’s trends and desires.

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