Apology Gifts for Your Girlfriend That Show You Are Truly Sorry

Apology Gifts For Girlfriend


Well, you really put your foot in it this time. You may not even be sure what just happened, but you do know one thing: Your girlfriend is upset, and it’s all your fault. Even if it isn’t your fault, just go ahead and accept that it is.

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Things will be easier that way. And now that you’ve accepted that, it’s time for you to apologize. In order to help you do that, we’ve got a list of some of the best gifts to make up for whatever it is you may have done wrong.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of the most traditional ways to say, “I’m sorry,” and this stunning bouquet of long-stem white orchids does just that.

Symbolically, white orchids represent innocence, beauty, and elegance – just the message you want to convey, right? I love you. You’re beautiful. You’re elegant. I’m innocent. Let’s make up, okay? How could she possibly say no?

Book: Me without you

Your girlfriend. She’s the cream to your cheese, the jelly to your peanut butter, the sun to your sky. She is the other half of you, and you can’t stand seeing her upset. So, tell her you’re sorry and let her know that you’re not complete without her with this illustrated book by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar. “Me Without You… depicts various scenarios that let your girlfriend know just how empty your life would be without her.

“I Am Sorry” Teddy Bear

You’ve always been her teddy bear, but now she won’t even answer your texts. Well, then send her this adorable, huggable, cuddly teddy bear wearing an “I’m sorry” t-shirt to apologize. Super soft and too cute to ignore, your girlfriend won’t be able to stay mad at you for long with this gift bear. Apologize in the right way, and you’ll be the one she’s snuggling with soon.


Appeal to her sweet side with this delicious assortment of gourmet cookies. Individually wrapped, each one comes with an “I’m sorry” label attached. Let her know again and again that you were wrong, and she was right with every bite of these assorted cookies. Mistakes may happen, but it won’t be a mistake to apologize to your girlfriend this way.

Red Heart Shape Balloons

You had an argument with your girlfriend, and this time an apology calls for more than flowers and a box of chocolates. This time you need a big statement, something that will wow her, something she’ll always remember. So, get her a canopy of heart-shaped balloons to fill up her room. Apologize to her with a sky full of hearts, so that she knows just how you feel about her. Create the perfect atmosphere to say, “I’m sorry,” and I’m pretty sure she’ll be happy to forgive you.

Necklace “I’d be lost without you”

Where would you be without your girlfriend? If you can’t answer that question, then it’s probably a safe bet that she’s someone who’s made your life a whole lot better just by being in it. So, let her know just how lost you’d be without her with this compass rose necklace. This beautiful necklace, handcrafted of sterling silver, comes delivered in a box with the message, “I’d be lost without you.” Say you’re sorry and let her know that she gives your life direction.

Funny Sorry & Apology Card

You messed up, and now you need to apologize. Sure, you could go out and buy a generic Hallmark card, but why would you do that when you can give your girlfriend something with a little more feeling? This card comes with the message “WOW I really fcked up” on the outside and the “I’m really fcking SORRY” message inside. Fun, unique, and sincere, this handmade apology card is one she’ll want to keep even after she forgives you.

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds. Holly Golightly adored them. Marilyn Monroe said they’re a girl’s best friend. Elizabeth Taylor even had one named after her. Even if you don’t know who these women are, take the hint: women love diamonds. What better way to apologize to your girlfriend than with these diamond cluster drop earrings? Made of 14k gold and ½ carat white diamonds, your girlfriend just might forget why she was mad at you in the first place when you give her these.

You Hold The Key to My Heart Key Chain

Your girlfriend is amazing. She’s perfect. But she’s also really mad at you right now. Let her know that no matter what kind of argument you have, you’ll always be there for her. Give her this keychain to let her know that she will forever hold the key to your heart. Sure, it may sound corny in a Lifetime movie kind of way, but deep down, you know it’s true, and she’ll know it, too.

Chocolate wrapped with a message of apology

A box of chocolates is a pretty standard way to apologize and let someone know you love them, but it’s a bit overplayed. Instead, apologize to your girlfriend by giving her this box of chocolate-covered Oreos because…chocolate and Oreos. It’s a can’t-lose situation. Each one is also individually wrapped with a message of apology, so each time she unwraps a cookie, she’s reminded of how you apologized in the best way possible.

Necklace “I love you,” written in 120 different languages

You fought. She cried. And now you need a truly meaningful apology gift to let her know you’re sorry. This inscribed onyx pendant is the perfect way to do just that. The words “I love you,” written in 120 different languages, are inscribed in 24k gold over a heart backdrop. Never be at a loss for words again. Whether it’s “I love you” or “Te Amo” or in any other language, she will always be reminded of how much you love her.

Knock Knock Apology Nifty Notes

You and your girlfriend share almost everything, including a goofy sense of humor. So, even though you’re arguing right now, why not keep your sense of humor? Say you’re sorry with these fun and funny apology notes. Just fill in the appropriate blank: Were you having a bad day? Was Mercury in retrograde? Maybe you were just a schmuck. Whatever the reason, this nifty little notepad will make apologizing not only easier but also more fun.

Giant, I’m Sorry Teddy Bear

You made a BIG mistake, so apologize in a BIG way. Give your girlfriend this 5’ tall giant plush teddy bear, complete with an “I’m sorry” t-shirt. How could she stay mad after seeing this adorable stuffed bear? Maybe you’ll have to make room on the couch from now on since she may never want to part from her new fuzzy friend, but isn’t that better than seeing her upset? Yes. Yes, it is.

100 Roses

Roses are beautiful and elegant and probably the most widely used apology gift for a girlfriend. Roses dress up any room at any time. No wonder they remind you so much of your girlfriend. And since you need to apologize to her right now, what better way to do it than with 100 long-stem roses? Fill up her home and her heart with four stunning bouquets of these fragrant flowers. Personalize your message with your confessions of regret and let her know just how much you love her. She’ll forgive you in no time.

Sorry Message in a Bottle

Fighting with your girlfriend is like being stranded on a desert island, lost at sea, alone, and in need of rescue. Let her know how lost you are without her by creating a message in a bottle. Leave them scattered around her house, and get one of her colleagues to put them around her office or on her desk. Send out your cries for help and your sincere apologies with these unique and memorable messages. Once she reads them, you won’t be fighting anymore.

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  1. The most significant gift for your girlfriend is admitting you were wrong. Whatever you give her, it won’t be enough without admitting your fault. In addition to that, a giant teddy bear will melt everyone’s heart. If you don’t think it will be enough, just add a box of fine chocolate.


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