39 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her in 2023

No doubt, your girlfriend, wife, or fiancée is the most special lady in the world, and has so many different passions and talents, that it is difficult to find an anniversary gift for her that can suit them perfectly, right?

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Since there is an endless choice of anniversary gifts for her, we have compiled a list of ideas that can inspire you to get her a present that will perfectly express your feelings of adoration, love, and devotion for that special woman in your life.

Why I Love You: A Journal of Us (What I Love About You Journal)

This is a very personal gift that your wife, fiancee, or girlfriend will adore. Since it requires that you spend the time to fill it out with your personal thoughts and feelings, it will feel more like a handmade gift than one you have purchased.

Your significant other will appreciate the time and the care you have put into this special anniversary gift.

Just make sure you buy the Why I Love You Journal of Us in time to have the chance to fill it with your own words and thoughts in time for the anniversary.

Lizix26 Sterling Silver Morse Code Hidden Message Necklace & Card Set

Why not present your special lady with this delicate and pretty sterling silver necklace with a hidden message just for her?

It is an ingenious Morse code necklace, which actually displays the words “I Love You” in Morse code.

The necklace comes with a special card translating a sweet and romantic message for her.

She will gladly wear this discrete and beautifully made sweet love message on her wherever she goes.

It is a great idea for any occasion, including your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or other.

Personalized Pillow Two hearts 2 Hearts are one

This pretty personalized cotton pillow is a great idea for the 2nd anniversary, also known as the cotton anniversary. Then again, you can get her this thoughtful present for any anniversary as well.

You can order it with your initials with a heart in the middle, and add the date of your wedding to it too.

The top-quality cream-colored pillow will no doubt become your wife’s favorite décor element which she will gladly show off to guests.

Anniversary Surprise Box

This surprise box contains a delicate sterling silver necklace with a heart pendant, a beautiful leather journal, romantic candles, and rose petals, all wrapped up in a luxurious box with the sign “I will always love you” inside.

You can give this romantic gift to your loved one as is, or you can set the mood for the anniversary celebration by lighting up the included candles and spreading the rose petals to surprise her.

Anniversary gift for her Linen Print Wedding Day

The 4th and 12th wedding anniversaries are linen anniversaries. This beautiful, customized linen print calendar is one of the greatest anniversary gifts for her for these special occasions.

You can order the pretty linen print calendar in a white or gray frame and in different sizes.

The calendar will depict the month and year you two got hitched and both of your names underneath it.

This is a lovely present which will always remind you two of that special day when you started your life together.

Wedding Anniversary Journal

This gorgeous handmade wedding anniversary journal by Anne-Marie from Charmbooks is another wonderful gift idea for your better half for your anniversary.

Each one of these beautifully crafted journal books is custom-made. You can order yours with your and her initials, a heart, a wedding cake, or another. The stylized logo is beautiful with added special charms on the cover.

Your wife will love writing down her thoughts, memories, and ideas in this journal, and you can both use it as cherished keepsake storage for all the memories you two have already built together, as well as the ones which are about to come.

SEMAXE Enameled Crystal Wine Glasses Set of 5 with Decanter

This absolutely stunning, luxurious set of hand-blown crystal wine glasses and a 52-ounce decanter is an anniversary gift that will not only impress your loved one but one which you can both use when enjoying your favorite bottle of wine together, or when entertaining guests.

Each of the five beautiful 12-ounce glasses in this set is handmade of lead-free crystal clear glass and has added safe and gorgeous hand-painted enamel decorations.

The decanter is also hand-blown and features matching enamel jewelry hand-painted elements.

This is an upscale, premium-quality anniversary gift idea, which is also suitable as a gift for weddings and engagements.

The set will become a beautiful accent piece for your home, and there is no doubt your special lady will love showing it off to her friends and guests.

A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

This bestselling Inspirational journal will enable her to write down all her ideas and jot down the ideas for accomplishing them. Best of all, there is allocated space for her and you to write down the actual story of how you both completed the item from the bucket list, with the date, memories, and others.

Our Bucket List is the perfect way to show your loved one that you wish to spend the rest of your lives together accomplishing your dreams.

Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook – Our Adventure Book

This premium quality “Our Adventure Book” combined scrapbook and photobook is perfect for commemorating the most important moments of your lives together as a couple.

It is a great anniversary gift, especially if you take the time to add your favorite photos or other keepsakes to it and present it filled with your mutual memories.

Of course, you can both fill it with your most memorable adventures together as life goes on, and you go on new trips and through new exciting times.

Matashi Champagne Flutes with Lead-Free Titanium Sparkling Crystal

What better way to celebrate your anniversary with the one you love than enjoying a bottle of your favorite champagne together?

This set of premium quality clear titanium crystal champagne flutes is a stunning gift to choose for her, for this special occasion.

The Matashi crystals long stem glasses are elegant, stylish, and super romantic, so both of you can drink some bubbly with an additional touch of class on your special day, as well as on any other special occasion you two will be celebrating together.

Detailed Scratch Off World Map with Push Pins – 34.6″ x 23.6″

Do you two love traveling together? This amazing detailed world map is not only beautifully made, but you and your love can enjoy exploring the places you have already visited together. Together you can scratch off all the cities you have visited. The map has over 10,000 cities which you can explore and scratch out and has the US states outlined as well.

You can also use this wonderful and durable map to plan your future dream vacations and travels with this gorgeously made map of the world.

Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

With a gift like the Luna Bean Keepsake Hands casting kit, both of you will be able to look down at the mold of your hands clasping each other.

This romantic anniversary gift is easy to use to create your own personalized plaster holding hands mold.

You can add your child’s hand too.

For larger families – there are larger kits from this series.

The resulting personalized statue will show all the fine details and lines of your hands.

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Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Creative Romantic Gift

The Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex is a unique anniversary gift for ladies who love mysteries and solving puzzles.

This clever device can hold a personal small note written by you inside. The thing is, she will need to solve the secret code in order to get to it.

It comes with a default code of “iloveu”, but you can change it to her name, or any other words or letters you want.

The beautiful antique-looking puzzle comes in a luxury gift box, ready to be presented to your special lady on your anniversary, or on any other occasion.

Personalized Family Name Sign

This handmade family sign is beautifully crafted from fine solid pine wood. It has gorgeous 3D lettering with your family name, initial, and the ear of your wedding on it.

It can be ordered in a standard 9.25 x 23-inch size, or a larger one of 11.25 x 28 inches.

The sign is handcrafted, and since each piece of wood is different – every sign will be unique and personal too.

It is covered with top quality seal which will allow it to withstand the test of time.

This stunning customized sign is a touching gift for any wife or husband, and you can both proudly display it on any wall of your home.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds

Show your better half that although you are different, you will always be together with this thoughtful and innovative gift.

The Bed Jet 3 Climate Control is easy to use for both cooling and heating the family bed.

It works on beds of all sizes and can be customized to provide instant cooling relief for night sweats and at the same time soothing heath for the spouse who always has cold legs.

It can cool one side of the bed and warm the other one, so both of you will have the perfect bedtime temperature setting.

With a gift like this, there is no need to sleep separated due to problems like one of you being a hot sleeper and the other preferring warmer temperatures.

Me Without You

This bestselling book is a true celebration of love and is a very sweet way to tell your better half that you love her.

Me Without You by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling contains cute illustrations and phrases about what life would be like without her.

The authors are the illustrators who created the popular “Happiness is” series.

This touching book is a gift that will melt her heart no matter when you decide to give it to her.

Kate Spade New York Two of a Kind Glass Set

You can surprise your loved one with this elegant set of His and Hers old-fashioned glasses by Kate Spade New York.

They are exquisitely made of lead-free clear glass and etched with the sweet His and Hers words on each one.

The set is available in different varieties, including beer glasses, double old fashion glasses, highball glasses, stemless champagne flutes, and stemless wine glasses.

So, all you need to choose the loveable set which suits your preferences.

You can combine these wonderful glasses for happy couples with the Ours decanter from the series as well.

Saavy Naturals 10 Piece Spa Gift Baskets for Women

Your wife or partner can probably do with some pampering, so why not give her this premium “Pamper Yourself” Spa gift basket for your anniversary?

The basket contains just about anything she will need to take the time to relax, take care of her skin, hair, and body, and make sure that she spoils herself in the greatest possible way, without having to go to an overpriced Spa.

The basket includes 10 top quality, organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and cruelty-free products, including 3 body bars, 4 hand soaps, a moisturizing cream, a body wash, and a scrub. Each of them is made of 100% organic all-natural ingredients, such as bay rum, hemp, violet, mango, papaya, lemon, lavender, chamomile, vanilla, coconut, lemongrass, and other wonderful herbs, flowers, and fruits.

All of these amazing hair, face, hand, and body care products come packed in a luxurious box, ready to be gifted to a person who is very special to you.

The gift set is suitable for a Mother’s day gift, a birthday present, or any other occasion when you want to show somebody just how much you care about them.

Wise Owl Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

If you love camping or spending time outdoors, this double camping hammock by Wise Owl Outfitters is a gift that she and you both can enjoy.

You can set the lightweight but strong hammock anywhere you want and spend time cuddling or napping with your partner while enjoying time outside.

Thanks to its weight, you can easily fold it up and carry it with you when you go hiking, to the beach, or on a picnic, and spend some romantic moments close to one another swinging in the air.

Eternal Rose- Preserved Handmade Fresh Flower with Creative Heart Design

The red rose has always been one of the symbols of eternal and true love, so why not give her a red rose that she can keep for years?

This Eternal Rose is made of a real preserved rose set on a wood base, and placed in a glass dome with a heart on top.

The arrangement of this mini bouquet is absolutely stunning. You can choose between a red rose, a bright red one, a thriving rose, a pink one, or a carnation.

All of them are absolutely stunning and romantic gifts suitable for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion.

14k Yellow Gold Heart Necklace Pendant Charm

Your spouse will be thrilled to receive this elegant 14K gold heart pendant or charm.

It is made of yellow gold and comes in a beautiful Ice Carats box with a certificate of authenticity.

Pair this pendant with a chain necklace or bracelet of your choice, or gift it as it is and you can be sure that she will appreciate this striking premium anniversary present.

French Love Poems

Show your romantic side, and give your partner this beautiful little book of French Love Poems.

The book includes classic poems, love sonnets, and verses by the most famous French poets from the classic, romantic, and surrealist periods.

Your partner and you will enjoy these passionate, sensual and beautiful lyrical works, and you will be able to tell her those words she has wanted to hear from you in perfect piercing lyrical form.

3D Anniversary Card 

This creative 3D anniversary card will lighten up her world. You can choose among several unique designs including a love boat, a hot air balloon, or a spring forest.

The card is made of premium artistic virgin wood pulp paper, so your loved one can showcase it and admire it for a long time.

This sensational card will show her just how much love and devotion you feel for her even after all those years you have been together.

MuralMax Personalized Inspirational Canvas Tree Art

This custom-made canvas tree art with a beautiful love verse, your names, and the date of your wedding on it is another anniversary present that she will adore and cherish forever.

It comes in a variety of beautiful color options to suit any taste, as well as in sizes ranging from 8 x 10 inches to 24 x 30 inches.

It is made with high-end print technology on premium quality canvas stretched on a real wood frame.

This wall decoration will easily become one of her favorite elements of your home décor.

Uncommon Questions 200 Fresh Conversations Starters for Couples

If you can’t seem to get enough of her and want to know more and more about your partner, this clever set of conversation starters for couples is a great way to do it.

The deck of uncommon questions and conversation starters for partners includes 200 fresh ideas that you may have not yet talked about with your significant other.

Most questions are insightful, intriguing, and surprising, and with their help, you can explore topics, childhood memories and feelings, and thoughts which you have never discussed before.

These wonderful cards can help bring you two even closer together and are a great way to pass your time when you are traveling, on vacation, or simply laying around at home.

Intimacy Deck by BestSelf – 150 Engaging Conversation Starters

If you feel like you can’t get enough of your beloved wife, girlfriend, or partner, and want to know even more about her even after years of being together, then this Intimacy Deck by BestSelf is an excellent anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift idea.

The deck of 150 conversation starters is a great way to reignite that spark, as well as to enjoy spending fun time with your better half. It is a great way to spend more time together, talking to each other, and exploring subjects that you may or may not have explored before.

With this ingenious gift idea, you will be able to spend more quality time with your partner, instead of wasting your time on your phone, watching TV, or feeling bored when you are alone with her.

Most of the topics in this deck of conversation starters are intriguing, fun, and insightful, and some can be surprising as well.

You will be amazed about how much more you can find out about your partner, no matter how long you two have been together.

EFYTAL Necklace Gift

This delicate and romantic necklace and pendant which features a compass and a sign saying “I’d be lost without you” is the perfect way to show your better half just how much you love and need her.

The stylish and sweet sterling silver pendant comes with a chain made of the same premium quality metal. It is beautifully set in a box and comes in elegant gift wrap and card, so it is ready to be presented on an anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion.

Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz

This luxurious Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford has a feminine patchouli scent that will last much longer and is much more intensive than the more common and less expensive Eau de Toilettes on the market.

It is a top-of-the-line designer perfume that comes in a 3.4-oz beautiful bottle, so your favorite woman will be able to enjoy using it for a long time.

The stunning scent is a blend of patchouli along with rose, peony, jasmine, and some spices like coriander, as well as wood for a long-lasting and captivating fragrance.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set 

This top-of-the-line Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set is a practical gift for her for your anniversary. You will both be able to enjoy the comfort and the softness of these well-made 100% long-staple cotton sheets.

The set includes a Twin bed fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It comes in different sizes, and in different colors and pattern options.

The cotton used is all-natural, safe, and among the finest in this range. This is why the manufacturers sell the set with a lifetime warranty.

This eco-friendly, durable, beautiful, and comfortable bed set will make you both want to spend even more time together in your cozy family bed.

This set is an excellent idea for a present for your 2nd year cotton anniversary.

Spa Gift Basket, Spa Basket with Lavender Fragrance, Lilac color by Lovestee

The gorgeously arranged and reasonably priced Spa gift basket by Lovestee is another superb anniversary gift for her. With the products included in the special gift basket, she can relax, pamper herself and rejuvenate her hair, body, and face.

Exotic shower gel, rich hand lotion, unique sensuous body lotion, 10.6 ounces of bath salt, a bath puff, and an Eva sponge are just some of the fantastic things included in the Spa gift basket.

These cosmetics are made with sultry woods and lavender, two of nature’s most alluring aromas, and will not only leave her smelling exquisite, but will also help her skin and hair look and feel better.

The gift set box is a fantastic option for an anniversary present, but it can also be given to a loved one on any other occasion or simply to express your gratitude and affection.

Custom Photo Collage Blanket – Add Your 6 Pictures

You can order this soft and lightweight fleece blanket with a high-resolution collage of your favorite photos of her or of you two together as a sweet and thoughtful anniversary gift for her.

The personalized collage fleece blanket is very well made, with high-quality prints of your photos, arranged in a beautiful collage.

You can choose whether you want it to feature 3, 4, 6, or 9 photos of your choice.

It is sturdily sewn and will retain its shape and colors even after years of use and washing

Gift Basket Village Extreme Chocolate Gift Basket

Does your wife or girlfriend simply adore chocolate? Why not make her the happiest lady ever with this true Michelin-star-like gourmet gift for your anniversary?

This amazing gift basket includes the most decadent chocolates and chocolate treats you can find on the market.

The chocolate gift basket is designed and handpicked with treats that are enough to satisfy even the wildest chocolate cravings and fantasies.

It includes various chocolate-based treats, beverages, and snacks, along with a beautiful mug and spoon.

The basket itself is gorgeous, and it comes beautifully arranged with a bow ready to be presented as a gift for any special occasion, as a mystery, or as a surprise gift for your chocolate-loving girl.

American Atelier 6203-16 Piece Markham Round Dinner Set

This 16-piece stoneware round dinnerware set is another anniversary or wedding gift idea, which will be highly appreciated.

The set includes four 11-inch dinner plates, four 7-inch bowls, four 8.5-inch salad plates, and four 13-oz. mugs, all in matching beautiful brown, gray, white, and burgundy red decorated stoneware.

The set looks good enough for entertaining guests and is also suitable and durable enough for everyday use, too because it is made of sturdier and heat-resistant, easy-to-wash stoneware.

Your loved one will adore this dinnerware set, and will gladly serve your favorite meals and beverage in it.

KitchenAid KSM150PSGD Artisan Stand Mixers, 5 quart

Although many women may feel a little let down by receiving a cooking-related anniversary gift, this Stand Mixer from KitchenAid’s Artisan Series could well be one of the few exceptions.

This beautiful stand mixer is something that just about any enthusiast cook and chef wants to have in their kitchen.

It is not only gorgeous looking, but it will also help your loved one prepare those delicious baked goods, meals, and desserts much easier and faster.

The red-colored premium kitchen appliance has a large 5-quart capacity and is bound to become the jewel of the crown in her kitchen.

It is also available in misty blue, white, contour silver, blueberry, champagne, onyx black, and antique copper colors, so you can match it with your loved one’s favorite color too.

Wine Tumblers With Lids for Couples 

This set is perfect for the adventurous wine-loving couple. It consists of two top-quality, stainless steel insulated wine tumblers with lids, and a gorgeous canvas carry bag with a waterproof lining.

The set is available in red or navy blue colors, and with a gift like this, you two can enjoy your favorite beverage no matter whether you are at home or outdoors.

The insulated tumblers will keep your drinks chilled or hot, and the lids will prevent spills when you are going for a hike, walk, or relaxing outdoors.

Your wife and you will be able to spend more quality time together with this beautiful matching set of rust-proof, insulated wine tumblers.

Plus, it comes in a luxurious fit box, suitable for an anniversary, wedding, or housewarming gift.

Bath Bomb Gift Set USA – 6 Vegan Essential Oil Natural Lush Fizzies Spa Kit.

With this organic and vegan set of top-quality bath bombs by Rejuvelle, your loved one can enjoy relaxing and soothing baths with the scent of her choice.

The handmade fizzers are made of GMO and gluten-free, all-natural products, including cocoa butter, shea butter, essential oils, and others.

Her skin will feel smoother and softer than ever, and she will smell amazing after every bath with one of these wonderful bath bombs.

They come in boxed sets of six different types and are beautifully packaged and wrapped, so they are ready to be gifted to her on that special day of yours.

Gucci Bloom By For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 1.6 oz.

The Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum spray is another fragrance that your favorite woman can wear all year round.

It has an intense and yet very feminine scent of a mix of fresh flowers, with hints of exotic patchouli, osmanthus, musks, and others.

The perfume will make her feel happy and she will gladly wear it anywhere and remind people around her of the wonderful smell and feel of a garden in bloom.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

This cute mini fridge is the perfect personal appliance to give to your favorite woman for your anniversary.

It comes in a variety of incredibly cute color and pattern options, and she will be happy to use it to keep her jade rollers, serums, and creams cold before applying them to her face and body.

This model can actually be used both for heating and cooling and can be used at home, or on the go thanks to its AC/DC and USB powering options.

Your partner will love this skincare fridge meant just for her needs.

You can match her gift with a mini 2L fridge like this for yourself and use it to fit up to 6 cans of your favorite beverage too.

Wife Gifts – Funny Mug – Best Wife Ever 

If you want to get her something funny that will make her smile on your anniversary, you may want to opt for a fun mug like this one.

Made from high-quality ceramic, the mug will remind your wife that she is definitely the best wife ever, every time she drinks her coffee or tea.

The fun mug will always make her smile no matter what.

It is available in different variants, so you can get one of these inexpensive yet very well-made mugs and cups for every other member of the family as well.

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