40th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas That Will Make a Multitude of Laughter Erupting

Birthdays are a universally accepted annual milestone. The more of these milestones are hit, the more people are expected to display wisdom and progress because of the continuously increasing wealth of experiences they will be exposed to.

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By the time a person gets to their 40th birthday, not only is this expectation looming but there is also the “dreaded” concern about crossing the bridge from youth to seniority (especially since the crossing of the said bridge may be physically manifesting).

40th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that serious or intense and all you need to lighten the day is the right gift? Now that we have your interest, check out our list of 40th birthday gag gift ideas.

“You Know You’re 40 When…” Paperback Book

If you know someone who’s turning forty, it’s time to give a sneak peek into what life is about to become with a hilarious spin. This paperback book hilariously spins perfectly realistic situations to allow those reaching the big 4-0 and those around them to laugh at what is about to become their plight.

With lines such as “A kid you once babysat for is now your lawyer”, it’s sure to be an interesting and hilarious read for your aging gift recipients (if they can find their glasses, of course).

Prank Toilet Paper

Do you know what your gift recipient can’t hold forever? Their bowel movements. What better time to remind someone of their four-decade existence than every single time they need to take a poop? Made from recycled paper, this entire roll of toilet paper has “Holy, You’re 40!” plastered on. Prepare to be the reason for a multitude of laughter erupting from the restroom on a regular basis.

We can’t decide which makes this funnier, the fact that this can never be unseen, or what is either the most disgusting or most ingenious pun ever (maybe both).

Quadragenarian T-Shirt

As a gift-giver to your friend or family member who we’ll describe as “vintage”, it’s important that you respect the fact that people of this age rarely use the word old and resolve to locate every single way known to man to avoid using the word. This is where you with your wit and heroism will step in and present the word “quadragenarian” which is a person who’s forty.

Now because you know at this aging memory can be an issue, you will present this shirt as a gift where the printed wording will ensure forgetting is not an option.

Over the Hill Survival Kit

Being over the hill can be quite the experience. Things that the younger ones among us take for granted are soon to become agonizingly difficult tasks for someone you know hitting that 40th birthday. Luckily for that person, you have come up with the perfect pre-emptive solution to the problems to come with this survival kit.

Equipped with a spinner to help make decisions, a magnifying glass for basic sight, and quite the enormous pill keeper for all the meds about to be prescribed, the transition will be a hilarious and easy one.

“Level 40 Unlocked” T-Shirt

This one takes a bit of gaming background to understand so ensure that your gift recipient has some context or this one will fall flat. This one is just a setup for smiles and laughter as it treats aging as stages in a video game. With that being said, you’re over the hill friends or family members can take pride in the fact that they have “unlocked” level 40.

Let’s just hope that the levels after don’t feel dated and repetitive, shall we?

“You’re Only Old Once” Book

Dr. Seuss is known for spawning quite a creative series of children’s books that are creatively worded. That skill has been taken even further for the older “Obsolete Children” as the title indicates. Giving this gift to someone who has recently turned 40 will have that person rolling with laughter while simultaneously feeling horror as the book does not let up with the jabs.

Of course, the signature of Dr. Seuss’s illustration style is present in this book, so nothing is left to the imagination and all the horrors can be seen in living color.

Time Capsule

For entertainment at a 40th birthday celebration, this gift includes trivia playing cards to maintain all the excitement throughout. Once the card is quite interesting as it reveals the reasons behind the inclusion of various items in the time capsule that can only be described as being questionable at best. Among these items are a Rubik’s Cube, a slinky, a mood ring, some marbles, and what we assume is a globe.

It’s safe to assume that everything here has some sort of storied importance, known only to the few of us who have lived long enough to appreciate it.

With any luck, this list will help you choose a 40th birthday present that will be appreciated by the lucky receiver as well as your own hilarious sense of humor. Keep in mind that it’s only enjoyable when played nice, and anything else is just abuse. Nobody wants to be remembered as the individual who picked on a senior citizen.

Wooden Sign

Remember when Snow White’s evil stepmom would ask the magic mirror on the wall who the fairest was in all the land? Well, we believe since that worked out for her in leading her to Snow White, a similar technique may work for helping those over the hill with some pressing matters.

With concerns about aches, pains, and an overall sense of feeling old, this gift dares to ask the question, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… What the Hell Happened?!”. Available in three colors, this handmade sign is guaranteed to bring laughs.

Annoying Teddy

This gift borders on funny and annoying. Your aging gift recipient will sadly be misled to believe that a regular and wonderful teddy bear is being received, however, this is no regular bear. This is the Annoying Teddy which will butcher the “Happy Birthday” song as it sings away.

The unfortunate part for those who receive it is that the teddy did not get the memo that the song is to be sung only once, and so it will go on non-stop for a full two hours, aging the recipient of the gift even further in the process.

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