3 Month Anniversary Amazing Gift Ideas for Him and Her

3 Month Anniversary Gifts

In the world of dating and romance, milestones cause quite a stir. They bring a sense of bliss to couples as they set forth on an adventure of adoration with one another.

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The 3 Month Anniversary is one of the earliest achievements you can experience as a new couple, and it is a cause for celebration. So, as you near your own 3 Month Anniversary, the following gift ideas may help you track down the perfect present for your partner.

Our Top Picks:

For Her:

Ring Kiss

Ring in your special occasion with this fun little novelty! This little desk bell stands out as a fun, unique addition to a countertop, desk, or shelf. Whether it be for display purposes only or made into a fun little game between you and your partner – it is a lighthearted little gift that is sure to bring with it some smiles and a few kisses!

For Him:

For those lovable trickster types, this cute little gag gift is sure to bring up a few giggles. Simply switch out the paper at the opportune moment and wait for the reaction as your partner finds this declaration from the “bottom” of your heart. This unique gift is certainly going to leave an impression and deliver both of you a good laugh afterward!


For Her:

Romantic and Cute Mugs Set

In the colder months, what is better than sharing a hot beverage with the one you love? With this adorable set of mugs, now you and your partner can share a moment of reprieve as you cuddle on the couch and warm up from the chill outside. These mugs come wrapped up in an attractive little package, making them a memorable, eye-catching gift that is sure to light up your partner’s face with a smile.

For Him:

For the partner who loves to wind down with a beer after an eventful work week or for the partner who simply loves beer, these adorable Six-Pack Packages will serve as a reminder that you were thinking about them. Fill this six-pack with their favorite beers as a special treat for them on either an ordinary night or a special date night. Your sentiment will surely be appreciated as they crack open their favorite beverage.

Other ideas to explore:

3D I Love You Illusion Lamp Night Light

What is better than a decorative light for the Light of your Life? This colorful little 3D lamp is sure to shine its way into a prominent place at home on a 3 month anniversary. On top of illuminating a room, this lamp is sure to brighten their day with its constant reminder of the connection you share. This decorative light is easy to install since it works with batteries, making it a valuable accent to any room in the house.

Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples

This conversation starter game is sure to catch the interest of the couple that loves board games and party games. Add some excitement to your next date night with these prompts as you and your partner take turns reading the cards and discussing their contents. It is sure to spark a lot of good memories while building several more as you are able to take some time to connect with one another. Indulge yourself and your partner by setting aside time to weave stories and recollections together over dinner or a drink.

Heart Shaped Serving Plate

As you plan your date with that special someone, why not consider a gift that could be functional as well as meaningful? With this wooden serving tray, you could set the mood by making your partner breakfast in bed to start the day off right. Additionally, you could serve their dinner on this heartfelt platter as a sweet surprise. If you aren’t the cooking type, worry not! This solid, high-quality gift could be given as a stand-alone item as well.

Jar of Romantic Messages for Him or Her for Anniversary

Sometimes the best kinds of gifts are ones that continue to deliver happiness. This gift will allow your partner to open 30 special messages every day for a month so that they may start or end their day with a smile. These sincere messages are sure to remind your special someone just how important they are to you. This unique keepsake will serve as a valuable memory for your partner, as they may later use the jar to store trinkets and memories in as well!

I Love You Engraved in Tagua Nut

Show someone you’re ‘nuts’ for them with this adorable 3-month anniversary gift! This gift allows you to show both your compassion for your lover as well as your care and commitment to the world itself. This tagua nut ensures an eco-friendly gift by creating a market for products from rainforest trees. It also serves as a unique canvas to display your affection and feelings for your partner while serving as a conversation piece. The natural little gift is sure to impress your partner.

Double Frame with custom Romantic Words and Photo – 3 Month Anniversary Gift

Why not celebrate this occasion with a beautiful display of the love you share with your partner? This sleek, folding frame makes a perfect accent for the home with its stylish design. On top of looking chic, this frame also encompasses your feelings for your partner with a custom romantic poem alongside a picture or portrait of your choosing. This combination is sure to tug at the heartstrings as it sits as a reminder of the connection you share.

When I saw you I fell in Love

This simple gift is good for those on a tighter budget who still wish to make a big impact. This metallic keychain is a pure declaration coupled with a clean delivery. Its charm lies in its honest approach, and it would make a beautiful addition to a keyring, bag, or another accessory. This little piece of romance is sure to serve as a subtle but constant reminder of the bond you share with that special someone and is guaranteed to snag a few compliments for how cute it is while your partner is out and about.

“So You Can Always Find Your Way Back Home” Pocket Compass

When basked in the light of love, how can one ever be truly lost? This compass is sure to come in handy time and time again for a partner who likes to enjoy the outdoors. In addition to its functionality, its pewter case also speaks volumes with its handwritten text. When pulling out this tool, your partner is sure to grab the attention of whomever they are with. This gift embodies a modern trend of free-spiritedness and a love of wandering and is sure to stir the interest of your lover with its charm.

I loved you then, I love you still, always have, always will Pocket Watch

Perhaps instead of being a new couple, you’re celebrating the months following the ceremony and simply wish to snag something meaningful for your husband while he’s been on your mind? This charming little pocket watch will make an impact as it serves as a constant reminder of your affection and adoration. While it holds a deep romantic meaning, it is also a sleek, black watch that is appealing to look at and matches any outfit as a wonderful accessory.

Necklace: “I love You to The Moon and Back”

Show your special someone that you love her to the moon and back with this beautiful, sparkling pendant! The heart-shaped pendant includes a striking birthstone that is bound to draw attention with its rich color. This piece of jewelry is not only high-quality but also serves as an ideal gift for a partner that loves to accessorize. This stylish addition to their wardrobe allows their partner to stand out and will certainly catch the attention of their friends.

Beer Anniversary Gifts for Him

Customizable Boxers

Time for another gift that is sure to crack a smile or a chuckle. This customizable gift is sure to catch your partner’s attention when they open it and realize just what it says. While the message may cause a laugh, the quality of these boxers is no joke! The soft material is comfortable and sure to convince your partner into wearing them – even for just a little bit.

Romantic Metal Sculpture

Perfect for the partner who loves industrial art, this sculpture makes a perfect accent to one’s home while also being a meaningful 3-month anniversary gift for your partner. These cute figures intertwined in an embrace introduce a sense of adoration to any space and are sure to catch the eyes of visitors. Additionally, this product is created from recycled auto parts, which only adds to its uniqueness and guarantees its sturdiness and longevity.

Necklace: I Love You in 120 Languages

While this piece stands on the more expensive end of the spectrum of gifts, it also delivers a powerful message. This beautiful pendant delivers the message of “I love you” in 120 different languages. The words are inscribed in gold on a black onyx background and are a striking addition to one’s wardrobe. This necklace commands the attention of others while also embodying the ideals of a love that knows no barriers.

Manly Beard Comb

This wooden comb comes in a luxurious package and includes a leather carrying case that is easy to slip into one’s pocket or bag. This portable tool will allow your partner to groom themselves in style and make statements to those around them. This magnificent comb will allow your partner peace of mind that they will always be able to keep themselves kempt even if they’re on the go.

Creative Romantic Anniversary Gift: Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Use this unique puzzle box to send a loved one a small gift, a meaningful note, or a poem. To add suspense to your 3-month anniversary present, you can either give them the code or create a game out of them deciphering the password. The element of surprise added to your present will be greatly appreciated by your special someone. This puzzle box can be used again and again for private communications between you and your companion.

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  1. It is always a struggle when you have to buy presents unless you have magic skills 😀 Or is it just me? Especially, if I have to buy a gift for 3 months anniversary – I mean you don’t even know each other that well! This kind of gift-idea lists are a great help!

  2. It is always a struggle when you have to buy presents unless you have magic skills 😀 Or is it just me? Especially, if I have to buy a gift for 3 months anniversary – I mean you don’t even know each other that well! This kind of gift-idea lists are a great help!


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